Project: Kerry Group Global Technology and Innovation Centre

Alucraft Receive a Project Achievement Award

Alucraft were honoured to receive a project achievement award from Gilbane building company.  The award is in recognition of Alucraft's commitment to safety, quality and teamwork.  The project itself won Industrial project of the year 2015 and Commercial project of the year 2015 at the Irish Construction Industry Awards.  Alucraft achieved 900,000+ hours safely worked with zero time lost incidents.

Excerpt from Letter of Congratulations

             "Unfortunately I am unable to shake your hand today and thank you in person for a job well done.  You and your team have and exceeded Our expectations.  I know at times it felt like a daunting task, but never did I doubt you would pull it off.

  It has been a real pleasure for myself and Our team to get to know you.  I wish you all the best!"

William J Gilbane (Vice Chairman, Gilbane)

Project: Byron House, Nottingham Trent University

Were you pleased with the technical response you received from Schueco?

Very pleased.  The Schueco technical representative was great all the way.  We used him at the tender stage throughout our discussions with the design-and-build contractors and then obviously we had to call on his support again when we were talking to sub-contractors.  We gave the co-ordinates to Alucraft - who actually won the job - and they used them to build a reduced scale model just to satisfy themselves that it did work.

Alucraft was the specialist contractor

Yes - and to be perfectly honest - they had a very difficult job.  The building's complicated geometry meant that the opening for their curtain walling had to meet tight tolerance requirements.  This was quite an achievement because had those interface details been slightly suspect, the building would have leaked.  I think it's fair to say it was a team effort, but Alucraft actually adopted a technical approach that was a tremendous value.  They understood immediately that if the building leaked it would be around the interface details and not around the performance of the system itself. 

Would you use Alucraft again, if that choice was yours?

Yes.  We had a very good working relationship with them.  As a sub-contractor they produced good quality information.  It's not often we actually get drawings from subcontractors of that standard.  It was clear that Alucraft had a deep understanding of the interface details and they presented their drawings to a high level of detail.  I thought they did a great job

J_Freeman John Freeman (Project Director), Church Lukas Architecture (Schueco Magazine 2015)