Alucraft Ltd. are proud of being involved in the design and construction of many of the most challenging glazed roof structures on the island of Ireland.

In 1986 we became involved in the famous Stephens Green Shopping Centre. We invited Schüco to be our partner and as such established the first Schüco franchise in Ireland. This roof structure was one of the first to be tested under a CWCT type standard. It was a testament to Alucraft’s attention to detail and passed this rigorous test first time. It is still a very fine structure and has served the centre very well indeed with vast amounts of daylight intended

Other fine roof glazing projects are the Shopping centres of The Square in Tallaght and The Blanchardstown Centre and Dundrum. We have completed many atria roof glazing projects the most recent of which is the Wexford Decentralisation Offices.

We use the following facade systems

  • Schüco FW50 & 60+ pressure plate & cap
  • Schüco FW50&60+ Structurally Glazed (S.G.or Toggle)
  • Patent Glazing Systems

Further information

Our roofglazing systems can accept windows, doors, smoke vents and roof windows. Schüco’s overlapping drainage design means that should water penetrate the outer gasket it will be channelled through the system into drainage channels and dispersed at the system’s lowest point outside the building. Our system can be designed to be flush (where roof vents are required) eg. with no transom cover caps, to encourage better external water/dirt dispersal.
Low Pitch - We recommend a minimum fall of 50mm to each pane of glass which avoids water ponding and ultimately leading to unsightly algae growth.

Thermal Efficiency -  Our systems can be designed to accept large panes of glass meaning that the proportion of aluminium to glass is relatively low. We would expect to return U values significantly lower than required under the Building Regulations. Alucraft offer detailed thermal calculations for individual projects